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"It goes without saying her photos are a work of art and her talent is evident in her dreamy captures."

- Shelby + Andrew

Starting at $350

Time to update some family photos? I promise to do everything I can to help plan an easy, pain (and tear) free session with you and your kiddos. I'll help you figure out outfits, location, and anything else you may need!

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maternity + Newborn Bundle

Why not go ahead and lock in both sessions?! If you're wanting a maternity session, chances are you probably want those adorable posed newborn photos as well! I am now offering a package that offers both for a great deal!

Starting at $700

Alright, we want in!

Obviously we can't exactly set a date for your newborn session just yet, so we'll start planning an estimated week around your official due date! We'll schedule the shoot within the first week of your baby's birth to capture those adorable sleepy poses. This is the "magic window" of time where the baby still thinks they're in mommy's belly. They let me pose, snuggle, and swaddle them in all the outfits!

How do Newborn Sessions Work?

So you're probably wondering...

01. Due Date

This is all about communication!!! As soon as you know your date to be induced, or if you're going into labor unexpectedly, message me so that I will know to keep the following week (if possible) open for a shoot.

02. Going Into Labor

Like Step 2, please stay in communication with me and let me know when you're heading home, that way I can prep the following few days to come over!

03. When You're Home

Some things to keep in mind...

  • Keep the room warm and cozy to keep your baby comfortable. I usually bring a heater with me and keep it right at their posing pillow (which I'll bring!), if you have a heater, go ahead and warm the room for us!
  • Natural light is the best light, but if the light in your home isn't great, I'll have my studio lights, too!
  • Pick a room with a lot of space, usually a bonus room or living room, for me to set up the "photo backdrop" where we'll do all the newborn poses! We'll definitely get some family photos in your baby's room, too.
  • I bring a TON of outfits, let me know if you prefer the traditional gender colors (the usual pinks and blues) or more warmer neutrals (tans, creams, browns, etc.). Don't worry about spending $$$ on those Etsy outfits, chances are, I probably already have them! If you have an outfit that is a MUST feel free to buy it!
  • Be patient and flexible, as your baby's mood and schedule may affect the timing of the shoot. These sessions take 2-3 hours! We're running on the baby's schedule :)

I would reach out about mid-way through your pregnancy! We can decide what 2 weeks to look around and expect the sweet baby to arrive! After that, and if you have enough notice, let me know when you're going into labor touch base within 2 days after the birth so I can check my schedule for my earliest availability the following week.

When should we reach out to schedule the session? How far in advance?"


For my newborn sessions, it includes all outfits, swaddles, wraps, and props provided and styled by me on a backdrop. I'll position, pose, and wrap them to get the sweetest images ever! We can also snap a few of you guys with sweet baby and/or siblings/pets!

What do your newborn sessions include?

I'll have you send me a few photos around your home to see if there is enough space and natural light to shoot there! I've got lighting and everything and come to you in the comfort of your home!

Where will de do the session?

For the baby: Wipes, Diapers, Pacifier, + Milk For you: Since newborn sessions are typically 3 hours or more, I'd suggest prepping yourself a snack! Also dress in layers since we will need to keep the room super warm for the baby since they'll be bare!

What should I have on stand-by during the session?

The sooner the better! Typically, the first few days, newborn babies stay sound asleep pretty easily with white noise, warm blankets, etc. I try to only shoot newborns within the first 5-10 days after they're born. This is the easiest time frame to pose them, swaddle them in my wraps and outfits, and get them to lay still without having nailed down their "routine". After that 10 day mark, babies tend to start stretching and moving more making it difficult to pose.

How soon after the birth should we plan to do the session? How long is too long after?

Please plan for it to take up to 3 hours for the session. Newborns can be jolted awake easily so sometimes it will take 30 minutes for one pose/outfit/look. We all have to have patience! Every baby is different and every session is different. If your baby is having a hard time falling asleep, I position them into some poses where it's okay if their eyes are open!

How long does the session take? What if my baby doesn't fall asleep or stay still?

Leave that up to me! I've got a newborn collection of backdrops, swaddles of every kind you can image along with props, little outfits, beanies, bonnets, and more! I'll bring everything and go from there! They can just be wrapped up in a warm blanket when I arrive!

Should I pick out outfits for them to wear?

I would suggest you feed them a bottle right as I arrive while I'm setting up so they're ready to sleep! A nice warm bath to stimulate them before the shoot works wonders! Also be prepared to feed them multiple times if they get cranky. Oh and PACIFIERS ARE LIFE so have one handy for me!

How can I get them to be sleepy for the session?


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