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Sarah + Eric’s September Wedding at The Barn at Maple Creek in TN

A classy and timeless wedding at The Barn at Maple Creek in TN

Hey there! I’m going take you on a journey into the heartwarming love story of my college roommate, Sarah, and her best friend-turned husband, Eric. As their wedding photographer, I had the immense honor of freezing their most cherished moments in time at the charming oasis known as The Barn at Maple Creek, nestled near Knoxville, Tennessee. So, let’s dive into the magic that unfolded!

First of all, can I just say “I called it!”…. Sarah and Eric were like best friends in college and I kept telling her to just admit that they’re in love already, or at least liked each other. Over and over she would say “Ew, gross! No, we’re just best friends”, ….. Mmmhmmm…. One day it FINALLY happened and I’m forever claiming to be the matchmaker. Anyway, fast-forward to their wedding!

Imagine a place where rustic charm meets modern chic, where love and nature blend seamlessly – that’s exactly what The Barn at Maple Creek offers. As I arrived at the venue, I was greeted by the sight of a picturesque white barn standing tall against the backdrop of Tennessee’s lush countryside. But the added little touch was the option for an outdoor ceremony by the pond (which was the original plan but…rain) and the outdoor covered patio.

Now, let me paint a picture of the ceremony – a sheltered patio surrounded by nature. The gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze, the soft chirping of birds – it was as if the world stood still to witness Sarah and Eric exchange their vows. The patio, adorned with understated elegance, was the epitome of simplicity at its finest. The stage was set, and I was ready to capture every emotion-filled moment.

As a photographer, I’m constantly amazed by the unique visions that couples bring to life for their special day. Sarah’s choice of decor was an ode to timeless minimalism. A sophisticated palette of black, white, and green reigned supreme, exuding an aura of class and elegance. The barn’s interiors were transformed into a chic wonderland, where carefully placed candles and accents created a gorgeous layout.

The reception area was a sight to behold. The barn’s features with the modern monochromatic palette resulted in a stunning reception space. Clean lines and touches of greenery made for a visual feast that was nothing short of exquisite. And oh, the dance floor! It was where the magic truly came alive. Sarah and Eric, accompanied by their guests, twirled and swayed under twinkling fairy lights. It was a gathering of all out high school friends so I clicked away, capturing candid moments of unbridled happiness that would forever remind them of the joy that filled their hearts.

Dear friends, if you’re seeking a wedding venue that encapsulates both rustic allure and contemporary charm, The Barn at Maple Creek near Knoxville, Tennessee, should be at the top of your list. And to all the soon-to-be newlyweds out there, take a cue from Sarah’s vision – minimalistic elegance is a choice that stands the test of time, and your wedding day will be nothing short of extraordinary.

A friendly reminder: if you’re planning your wedding for the years 2024-2025, my calendar is filling up faster than you can say “I do.” Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want me to be the storyteller behind your wedding gallery or film. Every love story deserves to be immortalized in frames of sheer beauty!

Here’s to love, laughter, and the magic of moments captured through my lens.


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