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Foggy Morning Elopement on the Oregon Coast

The bride and groom embraced the weather, dancing in the mist and letting nature be their backdrop.

Hey fellow adventurers! I recently had the pleasure of photographing an elopement shot on the Oregon Coast, and let me tell you – it was nothing short of magical. Waking up to a foggy morning had us a bit nervous, fearing the thick fog might play a part in if we would be able to take good photos, but oh boy, it turned out to be absolutely perfect!

As we set out to capture this intimate celebration, the misty rain added an ethereal touch to the rugged coastline. The bride and groom embraced the weather, dancing in the mist and letting nature be their backdrop. The Oregon Coast, wrapped in a mystical fog, created a dreamy atmosphere that elevated the romance to a whole new level. Who knew a rainy morning could bring such enchantment?

The nervous anticipation melted away, replaced by genuine smiles and laughter. The soft light filtering through the fog created a natural filter! The weather, once a concern, became an integral part of the story, turning a simple elopement into a poetic dance with the elements. So, here’s to embracing the unexpected and finding beauty in every element – because sometimes, the best love stories are written in the rain.


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